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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to ask you to consider supporting an important program created by and serving the City of Middletown. The program is called CHEER, and it addresses energy and economic and environmental equity by helping low and moderate income families make their homes more comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and renewable.

These health and safety issues, including mold, lead, carbon monoxide, and asbestos, in addition to presenting health hazards, prevent residents from accomplishing energy efficiency work. For low- and moderate-income residents, these barriers can also prevent access to free and low-cost services from state and utility programs for energy efficiency improvements.

The CHEER approach focuses on promoting housing equity. We build relationships with homeowners and renters and use our network to connect needs with resources, bridging access and affordability gaps and overcoming health and safety hurdles.

This program is considered a model across the state of Connecticut! Please support your Middletown neighbors with a modest donation to help us grow! Go to

With many thanks,

Michael Harris, Energy Coordinator

City of Middletown