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Welcome to HeatSmart Middletown

With the endorsement of Mayor Ben Florsheim and the Middletown Clean Energy Task Force, CHEER (Comfortable, Healthy, Energy Efficient, and Renewable) Middletown has partnered with PACE to launch the HeatSmart Middletown Program early this summer.

HeatSmart Middletown is an education program to help Middletown residents make their homes more efficient and help them learn about heat pump technology as a way to heat AND cool their homes. Heat pumps run on electricity and transfer thermal energy from a source like the air around us (air to air heat pumps) or the ground (geothermal/ground source heat pumps). Learn more about how heat pumps work and different system types.



Ability to heat and cool your home on one system and save money


Be renewable energy ready


Contribute towards Middletown’s path to 100% renewable energy

The HeatSmart Middletown Team Is Here to Help!

From left to right:  Augie DeFrance – Volunteer; Michael Harris – Middletown Energy Coordinator; Cat Young – HeatSmart Coach; Ray Evans – Volunteer

Welcome to HeatSmart – Glad You Found Us!

HeatSmart Middletown Program Overview

What is a home energy audit?

Message from the Mayor

HeatSmart will help you evaluate the costs and benefits of applying heat pump technology to your home or business. Both air-source and ground-couple systems can be evaluated, offering a range of first costs, seasonal efficiencies, and lifetime savings.

It is my hope that these programs are a great benefit to you over the next several months, and that they will deliver benefits, cost-savings and emissions reductions for many years to come.

Mayor Benjamin Florsheim

Proud Supporter of HeatSmart Connecticut

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Meet Our HeatSmart Partners

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Upcoming HeatSmart Events

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Russell Library Program – Introduction to HeatSmart

Date: October 13 – November 3  (sign up for the 11am or 7pm session) Note: You can attend any or all of the sessions

Register on line:  http://russellibrary.libcal.com/event/8284092

We all know that home improvement decisions can be confusing. Let the HeatSmart experts guide you through the process. Learn about

  • What steps can help improve home efficiency
  • Which EnergizeCT incentives are available to you
  • How various new energy efficient heating and cooling technologies work and which ones might be best for your home

Join us for this 4-part series to help you increase your home’s energy efficiency, save money on your energy bills, and improve your home’s comfort. These sessions will all start with a presentation and then provide an opportunity for questions and dialogue…. Participants who attend 3 or more of the sessions will be entered into a raffle drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.


October 13             Introduction to the HeatSmart Program – 15 minutes

The HeatSmart team will introduce you to the many benefits of participating in this free program supported by the City of Middletown.

October 20              Home Energy Audits (HES) – 30 minutes

Learn about the ins and outs of getting a home energy evaluation and how this simple visit can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

October 27              Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) – 30 minutes

Want to upgrade your heating and cooling system? Wish your home was more comfortable in the summer and winter? An air source heat pump might be just what you’re looking for. Learn about these systems and why they’re so much more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems.

November 3            Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) – 30 minutes

In the last session, you will learn about ground source heat pumps, commonly known as geothermal, and the advantages of this type of system.

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Heat Pump Installer-Educator Open House

Date: November 4, 5-7pm

Location: 1116 Portland-Cobalt Rd, Portland, CT

This is your chance to get a hands-on experience when it comes to heat pumps. Visit the showroom of one of our Heat Pump Installer Educators and see examples of heat pump systems. Learn about the different options and State incentives available to you.

If you plan to attend, please contact Lori at Absolute Air to let her know you’ll be stopping by. lori@absoluteairservices.com

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Air Source Heat Pump 101 and Q/A


Location: Live Zoom Event

Learn the basics of how heat pump technologies more efficiently heat and cool your home.

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Energy Assessments and Why They’re So Important


Location: Online Video Release

Learn why the first step to improving your home heating and cooling system should be an HES energy audit.

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Video Release: Heat Pumps – Facts and Myths

Date: TBA

Location: online

More of your questions answered. Listen to one of our Installer-Educators discuss some of the facts and myths of heat pumps.

Incentives and Assistance for Residents

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CHEER Middletown was established in 2017 with the vision of creating more livable and healthy homes for low and moderate income households in Middletown. The program partners with I Heart My Home to provide one stop comprehensive support for residents to address health and safety issues while also providing a path towards affordable energy efficiency and low cost renewable energy. The CHEER approach focuses on the relationship with the homeowner and uses its network and resources to bridge the access and affordability gap. Since its inception, CHEER has coordinated over $90k worth of improvements ranging from insulation to lead paint remediation on 23 properties. The program is hoping to expand its reach through a current crowdfunding campaign with Sustainable CT.

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Middletown Photo Courtesy of: Sandy Aldier