Heat Pumps —- Bernie Testing

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly way to heat and your home for year-round comfort. A heat pump works by collecting heat energy, moving heat indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. There are two types of heat pumps, depending on where they find the heat energy:


An air source heat pump harvests heat from the outside air. Cold climate heat pumps offered through HeatSmart Middletown can provide high-efficiency heating, even when it’s well below zero outside.


A ground source heat pump (sometimes called “geothermal”) use a network of underground pipes to extract heat from the earth. Ground source heat pumps are more efficient than air source ones, but cost more to install, and require adequate land for drilling or burying the ground loop.

Heat pumps can be affordable alternatives to fossil fuel-based heating and hot water, while also providing cooling to improve home comfort. The cost to heat a house with a heat pump is lower than that for oil, propane or electric baseboard, in some cases much lower. Cost is roughly on par with gas heat. They provide high performance heat and can save on cooling too. Their efficiency is typically more than double that of window units, and substantially more efficient than standard central AC systems. All of these benefits are achieved while greatly reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.