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Are your home heating and cooling costs too high? It might be time for a home energy efficiency upgrade. HeatSmart Guilford can help.

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With the endorsement of the Guilford Board of Selectmen and the Sustainable Guilford Task Force, Guilford has partnered with PACE to launch the HeartSmart Guilford initiative this summer.

HeatSmart Guilford is an education and outreach program to help residents:


Save money with a basic energy audit


Heat and cool your home on one system that can save money and is better for the environment


Support clean, renewable energy efforts and contribute to Guilford’s leadership in environmental stewardship and conservation

The first step in becoming HeatSmart is to get a Home Energy Solutions (HES) service for your home. The Energize CT certified technicians will seal up air leaks and perform other measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home. This 2-4 hour service is $50 (or no-cost for those who meet income-eligibility requirements). To get started:


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Matt Hoey First Selectman

Message from the First Selectman

All of us should be justifiably proud of Guilford’s accomplishment as a Silver Certified Community in the Sustainable CT program.

Our town is now engaged in supporting an initiative that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching home heating from fossil fuels to electricity as Connecticut’s electric generation becomes more renewable every year. Heat pumps allow us to do exactly that—and also  cool our homes.  They offer an innovative means to achieve both of these objectives. That is why Guilford has partnered with Peoples Action for Clean Energy (PACE) to encourage home energy audits and the adoption of low emission, heat pump systems to heat and cool homes throughout our community.

This initiative is supported by EnergizeCT incentives which help to defray specific program costs. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and learn from Guilford neighbors who are willing to discuss their own experiences with home energy audits and installations of environmentally-friendly heat pumps?

Matt Hoey

First Selectman Matt Hoey

Proud Supporter of HeatSmart Connecticut

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