Are You Paying Too Much for Home Energy?

Groton is partnering with PACE, to bring you HeatSmart Groton.
The program helps Groton residents learn about the three steps to getting energy smart:
  1. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by getting a home efficiency service
  2. Insulate your home and make other improvements to the envelope of the home
  3. Consider switching your heating and cooling source to an energy efficient heat pump

Ready to Get HeatSmart?

Get started today by signing up for  your utility’s home energy efficiency service

Welcome to HeatSmart Groton

HeatSmart Groton is an education and outreach program to help residents:


Get a low-cost home energy evaluation


Learn how utility, state, and federal incentives can save you money


Enjoy long-term energy savings


Learn about heat pumps, the most efficient heating and cooling system

The Town of Groton is pleased to be working with Peoples Action for Clean Energy, PACE, to offer our residents a unique educational opportunity to learn about the advantages of heat pumps. HeatSmart Groton is designed to help residents better understand their home and the options available to them when it comes to heating and cooling.
This program is designed to provide residents with the necessary information to make informed choices about energy efficiencies in their homes. HeatSmart Groton will provide residents with an understanding of strategies to reduce their energy usage and save money by providing available resources that make those decisions easier.