Programs for Eversource Customers


Eversource administers many home energy services and incentives related to the Energize CT program that is provided through fees on customer bills. For homes that were built prior to XXXX , the first step   in making your home more energy efficient and reducing your energy costs, is to get a Home Energy Solutions (HES) service.  The cost is just $75 for a two-to-four-hour evaluation and air sealing service provided by certified technicians. For those who qualify for the income-eligible program, this service would be provided at no cost. As part of the evaluation, you receive recommendations to help you further improve the envelope of your house and information about rebates on insulation and other measures.

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What is a heat pump

Heat Pumps

After efficiency and weatherization, the next step is to consider installing heat pumps. Heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. For some homeowners, a heat pump may provide significant savings while also making the indoor environment more comfortable.


Homeowners that currently use electric resistance heating are certain to see reduced electricity costs. Homes that are heated with oil are also potentially good candidates. Learn more about heat pumps here and about incentives at