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About HeatSmart Connecticut

HeatSmart Connecticut is a community-based outreach and education program created by People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE) to promote the adoption of clean heating and cooling technologies in Connecticut, specifically heat pumps.  The Program aims to increase awareness and understanding of heat pumps, and, where appropriate, increase their deployment for both residential and small-scale commercial buildings.

How Does the Program Work for Participants?

The process starts with connecting residents to Energize Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions (HES) service providers to perform spot air sealing. Through this process, participants are given options for deeper weatherization. Participants who choose to proceed with added measures may also elect to work with a no-cost energy consultant. The consultant will help them determine what is best for their home, as well as, review contractor quotes. After needed weatherization measures are in place, participants, if interested, are provided with options regarding heat pumps.

How Does PACE Help?

PACE works with towns in a variety of ways, including:

  • Assisting in campaign organization
  • Helping to secure funding
  • Providing website hosting for a town-specific campaign page
  • Developing outreach materials such as letters, flyers, and banners
  • Providing town-specific building data

Earn Credit Towards Sustainable CT Certification 

If your community is participating in Sustainable CT, you may earn credit towards action 7.7 Implement a Community Energy Campaign 
What is a heat pump

Learn the basics of what these remarkable machines can do and if they can make your home more comfortable and economical.

Our Towns

A HeatSmart campaign is a great way to promote efficiency in your town or city.

Interested in starting a HeatSmart campaign in your town? Contact PACE Program Manager, Deb Roe at Deb@PaceCleanEnergy.org